fat cat is a diverse cultural institution featuring live music, games, art space and innovative educational programming. our musical offerings highlight emerging artists and legends of genres ranging from jazz to latin, classical and world music. we sustain the tradition of late nightly jam sessions which makes New York the jazz capital. these sessions allow young musicians to earn their chops alongside veterans, and provide pages for a living musical language to be (re)written.

while many know fat cat as a popular nightlife destination, we pursue ulterior motives as well, often while the sun is shining. our model class trip curriculum encourages cross~pollination amidst a suite of creative disciplines, mixing elements of math, science, logic and ethics with games, sports, music and art as media.

we provide individual and group lessons, and cater to home schoolers, parent~organized events and the occasional inordinary birthday party. we collaborate with dedicated educators and non~profit organizations to enhance the experience. please visit our education page for more information.

we aspire to acquire the building in which we reside to establish a trust, to elaborate our vision, to provide more dedicated educational space, and to ensure a long, healthy future for a unique community venue.

please contact us to learn more and help fat cat occupy 75 christopher street.

- fat cat



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